doing what I love to do

Alot has happen since I’ve last updated my blog. And I mean a lot. I don’t know why I don’t post on here often, I guess it’s because I don’t have much of a following and really i only think 2 people actually read my posts but what ever, fuck it.

first off; I just graduated high school; what a big relieve that was. I think now I don’t have to focus on school as much and i can start actually working and start accumulating money so I can build a cool car. I think now I’ll be more focused on trying to do what I actually like to do, which is to drive (hopefully). But first I have to build a cool car.

I ended up getting rid of the stock zenki I just bought for a little daily Alitma from a buddy of mine. So since I have really no cool car at that point. I decided to go out with the money I have and buy another one. (Smart huh)

A friend of mine; Will Parsons drove me 48 hours round trip to Ohio to pick up this race car I ran across on Facebook for a really good price. I slid him some money and I left the day after my graduation ceremony.

The car I ended up purchasing was a 1998 240SX.

Here’s a cool parts list.

S14 True 98 Kouki
Zenki front end swap
Clear headlight covers
Dmax corners
Dmax full authentic type 3 kit
Authentic chargespeed overs 50mm
Origin authentic front zenki 30mm overs
Nrg cooling plate
Authentic dmax tail lights
Authentic dmax vented hood

Fortune auto 500 generation 6 (newest) coilovers with swift spring upgrade, and radial bearing upgrade. 14k/12k rates
Parts shop max full front angle kit
Parts shop max knuckles front
Parts shop max gen 2 (newest) rear knuckles
300zx parking brake comparable, with dual z32 caliper mounts.
Dmax toe rods
Dmax traction rods
Dmax rucas
Full sandblasted and powdercoated rear subframe (gloss black)
Brand new OEM diff hardware
Oem R200 with welded differential by Jimmie Caldwell with a 4.6 final drive swap
Parts shop max subframe risers
Tein s14 outter tie rods
Maxima inners
Brand new oem tie rod boots
Stock LCA with great ball joints
Stock axles

S13 k(ouki) blacktop sr20det
Tomei arms m7960 turbo charger
Parts shop max turbo intake kit
Parts shop max hot pipe
Parts shop max coldpipe with tial Q BOV flange welded on professionally and bung for AIT temp sensor
Parts shop max high mount intercooler
ISR performance stainless rack lines
iSr stainless power steering hardline
Oem Nissan heat core hoses
Oem Nissan powdercoated factory silver intake manifold and throttle body.
DIF brand thermal intake gasket
Tomei 256/256 camshafts
Mazworkx dual rocker guides
Mazworkx timing chain oil squirter
Mazworkx machanical timing chain tensioner
Tomei stock thickness and stock bore MLS head gasket
Wiring specialties PRO harness plug and play.
Aem standalone
Aem 5.3 bar map sensor
Aem AiT sensor
Gk tech clear can sensor cover
Gk tech eccentric throttle pulley
Powdercoated white valve cover
Carbon fiber coilpack cover
Tomei fuel pressure regulator
Walboro 340lph in tank pump
Cody ace alternator bracket kit
Nissan Quest upgraded alternator
ATI super damper crank pulley
Split fire coil packs
Circuit sports engine mounts
ISR polished pulley kit
Mazworkx head stud kit
The head was ported and polished by minors engine machine in north Jackson Ohio
The intake was portmatched
The turbo manifold was extrude Honed as well.
Arp hardware from manifold to turbo,
Arp hardware from turbo to downpipe
Parts shop max cobra downpipe
Megan racing 3″ test pipe
Isis 4″ dual blast pipes

Driveshaft shop aluminum 1 pc
Clutch masters fx500
Oem form
Nismo hardened pivot ball
B and m short shifter
Redline mt/90
ISR ss clutch line
Oem slave cyl.

I plan on sticking with this car for a very long time due to how cool it looks and how much is invested into it. I think the end product of this car can be pretty amazing. I’ve always secretly wanted a rowdy race car essentially. I think it would make for a better driving experience and just more of a fun car to drive.

There are a few things that need to still be done to get it fully ready to go. So I will try my best to update the blog as much as possible as I make progress with the new car.

Here are some pictures from the trip




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