Starting Over

So I ended up selling my 95 Zenki to find a cleaner Zenki. I sold it to a dude on the forums in North Houston and plans on using it as a practice car for the drift series.


So after 2 weeks of searching for another Zenki. I found a clean 96 Zenki with 140k Miles. It was an automatic and had a open differential and 4 lug, so I know it’s not abused. The car was about 7 hours away from me. It was 15 minutes south of Oklahoma. My buddy Kevin  volunteered to drive me up there.


Car had some cool little stuff like D2 coilovers, Double Din radio, Subwoofers, Greddy Lip, and And 18″ Square G6 wheels. I really wanted a black Zenki cause I’ve always had a thing for black cars and this one caught my eye.

I lived about 7 hours away from the car, so I had my buddy Kevin drive me up to get the if I payed for his gas

So I stayed at my aunt and uncles place again since they lived about an hour south of where I purchased the car. I did a quick go over with the car to make sure it was ok to drive home and and the only problem I had was that the wiring seem to trip out with the speedo and the turn signals stop working and the coolant was super rusty and brown so I did a complete radiator flush. But that’s about it

But yea going to do five lug and and put cool wheels and make the car look cool first and how I want before I go back to drifting

One of the first things I did to the car was put in Clear lenses in the headlights. I feel that is a must for all zenkis.

I think it made he car look a little bit better, but the car is far from looking good….. Ewww those mirrors are so ugly. I need to put some stock ones on.

Oh well, that’s about it for the new car. This is basically gonna be turning into a build thread now since no more drift car. But that’s fine by me


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This is my blog of my S14 Zenki

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