So over Spring Break last month during March. I decided to tow my car to my uncles shop and completely go over the car and fix what I had problems with before Round 1 of Texas Street Legal.


I live about 6 hours away from my aunt and uncles so I would be staying up there all week just so I didn’t stress about having to do an all nighter or something.

So day 1 I decided to drop the subframe because I had to put new ebrake cables in I was gonna put those weird slip on bushing things and since I had access to a lift at my uncles person shop, went fairly easy.


I dropped my subframe on the first day and found out my two front bushings were completely gone. Completely


So now I couldn’t use the collar bushings since have no bushing so I ended up just overnighting  some PBM Solid subframe risers


Decided to paint my subframe since I had some left over paint that I wouldn’t use just to clean it up a little bit. Was like a Cusco burple color


Cut the old bushings out and inserted the risers


Since the coilovers and all arms were out, decided to give them all a good clean even so cleaned up my coilovers and they look almost brand new


The next thing I decided to tackle was the front end. It always felt a little weird while drifting and I found out after I purchase the car, it was badly hit in the front so it’s all buckled. I pulled the hood, fenders, bumper and lights off to see what’s happening.


As soon as I took everything off, I saw the most fuckery, ghetto, stupidest or what ever you would like to call this…


The previous owner cut a chunk out of the car… I’m guessing to try to straighten where it’s buckled out. Guessing why my car feels weird cause it flexs. Decided to do a temporary fix and get some angle iron and just weld it to the frame


Probably should paint it to prevent from rust. But this did the trick. The car felt a lot snappier and more sturdy during rd 1.

Next I decided to do my door cause my friend ended up bending my hinges on my door so it sagged and took a lot of force to close.


I really don’t have a lot of pictures but all I did was take the door off and take the hinges and hammer them flat and about an hour and half of just adjusting the door trying to get it right.

One of the last major things I decided to do was change the axles cause the boots on my old ones were completely ripped and the grease looked kinda bad in the axle. Just decided to buy new axles and put them in


Changing the axles were the ALOT easier than I thought.

Thats pretty much it for my Spring Break. Left my aunt and uncle and couldn’t take them enough for all they did for me.


Went to a local shop that my aunt and uncle knew and got a pretty cheap alinement before I had to rd 1.

Got to Houston pretty late and I had to run some errands before I headed home and get in my own bed so I decided to meet up with my friend Kevin and to say hi since he lives on the other side of town


Got home about 11:30pm on Friday, day before Round 1 and couldn’t sleep. I’ll make another post on just my experience on Round 1 TXSL.


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